The World Quantum Day celebrated on 14 April, is an initiative from quantum scientists from 65+ countries, aiming at promoting the public understanding of Quantum Science and Quantum Technology around the World.

Quantum physics is the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level. The World Quantum Day was officially launched in 2022, with 200+ events, on 5 continents, 44+ countries, 193+ cities, in 17+ different languages. The emergence of quantum sensors offers an opportunity to provide new applications for climate sciences through the improvement of space gravimetry performance. Hence, the mastery of this technology in space is one of the major environmental, technological and strategic challenges of the decade while representing a huge advance for climate monitoring. The overarching goal of CARIOQA-PMP is to prepare the deployment of quantum accelerometers in space, within this decade, through a Quantum Pathfinder Mission!

Visit the Event Map to see the events already planned for the 2023 event. From talks and workshops to hackathons and exhibitions, there’s something for everyone interested in the field of quantum science and technology.

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